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Month: June 2014

Bb Wednesday Tip: Bb SP13 New Feature: Date Management Tool

Bb SP13 New Feature: Date Management Tool

The Date Management tool is a convenient way to adjust the availability and due dates for all material within your course. Date Management is for use after the initial availability dates (such as start and end dates for students to view the item) and due dates have already been set when the item was created. Different types of course material can be edited in the following ways:

  • Announcements: ability to edit “Availability Starts” and “Availability Ends” date/time
  • Assignments/Tests: ability to edit “Availability Starts”, “Availability Ends”, and “Due Date” date/time
  • Tasks: ability to edit “Due Date” date/time

The following steps display how to use this functionality:

  1. Go to your course, click on the “Course Tools” link on the bottom half of the left navigation menu, and click the “Date Management” link from the list of tools that appear.

  1. On the “Date Management” page, you will be asked to select the method of date adjustment you would like to use. Use the radio button to select one of the three options listed below for adjusting dates of items in your course, then click the “Start” button to begin loading the Date Management process.
        1. Select the “Use Course Start Dates” option to change dates of all items by a specific number of days after the course start date
        2. Select “Adjust by Number of Days” to shift all dates by either a positive or negative number ranging from -999 to 999. Negative numbers will move the date back while positive numbers will move the date forward.
        3. (DEFAULT) Select “List All Dates for Review” to show existing dates with help in selecting rollover options for each. *THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED METHOD*

The “Date Management Progress” can take a few minutes to load the “Date Management Review” page. Once the tracker bar has reached 100%, click the “Next” button, and the “Date Management Review” page should appear.

  1. On the “Date Management Review” page, dates can either be adjusted one-by-one or in a group by using the following methods:
    1. To adjust dates of a single item:
      1. Click the “Edit Dates” button (pencil button) to the right of the item which you wish to change the date for.
      2. Enter the new desired dates/times for appropriate “Due Date”, “Availability Starts”, and “Availability Ends” fields (dependent upon and click the “Submit” button (green checkmark button) to update date(s).
    2. To adjust dates of multiple items in all fields (“Due Date”, “Availability Starts”, and “Availability Ends) :
      1. Click the checkbox in front of the items which you wish to adjust the dates then click the “Adjust Dates” button.
      2. Along the bottom of the page, a blue section with the words “Adjust (number of selected items) selected items by (dropdown box containing negative and positive numbers to either add or subtract days) days”. Select the number of days in which you would like to either add or subtract from the current dates and click the “Go” button.

      OPTIONAL: Use the “Run Date Management Again” button to change the way that all items and their dates are displayed by the following three options:

          1. Click the “Run Date Management Again” button.
          2. Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Bb Wednesday Tip: Bb SP13 New Feature – Test Access Log

A prior source of frustration for students and instructors was the inability to confirm whether students began a test or ran into problems during a test. Teachers had no way to verify student activity or lack of activity during a test. Students had no way to prove that they did begin a test and when. If students reported problems occurring during a test, they were either given the benefit of the doubt and the test was reset, or they were penalized for circumstances beyond their control.

Blackboard Learn Service Pack 13 addresses this issue by providing information about student interactions with a test attempt. Instructors can view the Access Log for a test from the Attempts page of the test, available through the Grade Center.

To see the Access Log, from the Attempts page, click on the Test Information section and click on the Access Log button.


The access log shows a list of every interaction a students engaged in when taking a test. If a student claims to have started a test, the log will show the time the test was started. If a network or internet disruption occurred during the test for example, the log would show an unusual gap in the time.


Note: Test answers are saved when a student clicks on the Save Answer button during a test, or when the student moves on to the next question during a test that is delivered a question at a time.

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