CERT Tip of the Week

Did you know that you can add quiz questions to any Panopto video at any point during the presentation. These Panopto quizzes can be a graded item in your Brightspace gradebook, or they can just be used as a quick assessment to check student understanding. 

If you have questions, please contact the helpdesk at Helpdesk@desales.edu

  1. Open Panopto by clicking on the Panopto link in the blue Navigation bar in your Brightspace course or by going to https://desales.hosted.panopto.com
  2. Locate the recording where you want to add a quiz question and open it for editing.
  3. Click in the timeline to navigate to the place in the video where you would like to insert a quiz.
  4. The red vertical line will indicate where the quiz will be added in the video.
  5. In the left Navigation menu, click on Quizzes then select Add a Quiz
  6. A quiz window will appear in your secondary stream window where you can fill in the details for

your quiz.

Here is a Step-by-Step guide to “HOW TO ADD A QUIZ TO A PANOPTO VIDEO

Don’t Forget to link your Panopto video to your Brightspace Course

  1. Navigate to wherever you want to put the video in Brightspace.
  2. For a video without an embedded quiz: Select Upload/Create, then File, then click on Insert Stuff, Select Panopto
  3. For a video with an embedded quiz: Select Existing Activities, then Panopto Quiz
  4. Select the video you want. Click the Insert Video button.
  5. Click Save and Close. DONE!