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Introducing Panopto 7

Updates to Panopto

Panopto Cloud will be upgraded to Panopto 7 on Saturday, June 22nd. This will require downtime, expected to be from 9:00 PM until midnight. After the update, there will be several changes to the system.

New mobile and embedded video player

On mobile devices and embedded videos, users will gain access to several functions previously available only to full web playback. Users will be able to access the table of contents, search within videos as well as rate them. Users can also take notes and post discussions.

New question type

Fill in the blank questions will be added as a question type giving you the option to ask questions that require users to fill in answers to the question. During the creation of a fill in the blank question, correct answers can be provided by placing values between underscores (_).

Panopto fill in the blank question screenshot

Multiple correct answers can also be provided for each blank by using the pipe symbol (|).

Updated editor

In the editor, the cut and pointer tool has been merged, giving users a simpler experience where they can precisely apply and test cuts to videos or streams. There is a terminology change, where “Apply” replaces the verb “Publish”.

More download options

Download notes — Users can download their notes or notes from any public channel for a particular video.

Download discussion transcript — video creators will be able to download a transcript of the discussion. Moderators will have access to live stats via a link from the viewer.


Content creators can now see analytics for all of their videos across the Panopto site or for a particular folder (incl. sub-folders) or video. Additionally, there are a couple of new data insights available:

  • Completion percentage: Creators can see the completion percentage for each user who has viewed their video.
  • Per-user stats, answering “which of my videos has this user watched?”.

Printable version of this information

Recently Added Features of Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor builds upon the power of LockDown Browser, and uses a student’s webcam and video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. As of February 2019, several new features have become available.

Facial detection check prior to an exam

Respondus Monitor performs a facial detection check before the start of an exam. This helps students identify problems with badly positioned webcams, poor lighting, and prevents the intentional covering of a webcam. One of the default options during the check is to prevent students from starting the exam if their face cannot be detected during the Startup Sequence.

Screenshot of Respondus facial detection step

Facial detection alerts during exam

The system alerts students during the exam when facial detection is lost for a certain length of time. A quick adjustment is usually all it takes. While the alerts only occur only once per minute, if students are permitted to use textbooks or other resources this option should be disabled to avoid having text-takers experience frequent notifications.

Pre-exam tips

A new optional step in the startup sequence helps students avoid things that trigger false “flags” within the system.

Screen describing some of the exam tips

Box View – “Small Screen” Workaround Guidance

When using the Box View tool, you should be able to add annotations, highlight chunks of text and digitally draw on the student work that you are marking via Blackboard.

However, after a recent update (on February 19, 2019) Box View was updated by its owning company to include more “mobile-responsive” features. These features will automatically instigate whenever Box considers itself to be displayed on a small screen, and can initially be confusing to use or even, sometimes, completely unresponsive.

If you find that the annotation tool now opens as a long pane, that you can no longer see the highlight tools when selecting text, or that you cannot select or delete drawings made on an assignment then Box has likely enabled the mobile-version of its view on your device.


Because this view-change is caused by the size of the Box View pane, altering the following things should help bring back the original, non-mobile version of Box View that you are used to:

  1. Expand the Box View page so it can take up more space:
    • Use the expand/collapse grading panel button () to hide the right-hand pane
    • Use the maximize/minimize button () to allow Box view to take up the entire browser frame
  1. Zoom your browser out (zooming guidance for Chrome / zooming guidance for Firefox)
  1. If you’re comfortable with changing settings on your computer such as screen resolution, please try this (go for a higher resolution than 1600*1200), but don’t do this if you’re not used to changing such settings.

If the above suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact DEIT with details of what type of computer and web browser you are using.

Printable version: Box View Feb 2019

Coming December 15th – Panopto 6.0

Panopto iconA new version of Panopto is being released the evening of December 15th. While most of the updates are administrative there are two changes that could affect faculty and students.
  • A new user interface. The Panopto web site ( will be getting a new look. It features a new collapsible navigation bar and resizable folder and system settings trays to improve site browsing and navigation.
  • A recycle bin. Administrators will have access to a recycle bin so deleted videos will be able to be restored. Note: to take advantage of this feature please contact the DeSales Help Desk ( or 610-282-1100 x4357).

Panopto will need to be taken offline temporarily to roll out the changes. On December 15th from 7:00 PM until approximately 11:00 PM Panopto is going to be unavailable . During this time recordings will not be available and new recordings will not upload. Note: recordings can still be made offline and uploaded after the outage ends.

Volunteers needed – content creation testing

The DEIT team is looking for faculty members willing to help us test some tools that can be used to create interactive content. Options range from interactive PowerPoint presentations to fully online modules similar to what you may have experienced taking the Active Shooter Preparedness (ALICE) training. As part of the testing you’ll be paired with a member of the DEIT team. Faculty will provide the content of the module. The DEIT staff will be responsible for suggesting the correct tool and creating the learning object.

Among the tools being considered are:

We’re hoping to start creating content in November. To volunteer, please contact DEIT by emailing or calling 610-282-1100 x2290.

Jim Holton – DeSales DEIT

New annotation options in Box View

Blackboard uses an application programming interface (API) from Box, Inc to provide faculty the ability to review and annotate assignment submissions. Two features were added to the API in late March:

  • Point Annotations have been made “sticky” – after clicking on the Point Annotation button graders will be taken into “point annotation mode” that allows for multiple comments without selecting the point annotation tool for every entry.

Box view toolbar with point comment highlighted

  • A new Drawing Annotation mode – while grading, freeform drawings can be added to assignment submissions using a mouse or any touch-enabled device.  Box view toolbar with drawing annotation tool highlighted


Both options are available for new assignment submissions and can be retroactively added to earlier submissions.

Collaborate with the Ultra experience February 2018 Update

Starting Sunday, February 4th, 2018, Collaborate Ultra is receiving some improvements focused on digital collaboration. There are four main changes:

  • Phone only dial-in
  • Edit recording names
  • Single menu for settings, feedback and status
  • Application sharing bandwidth improvements

Phone only dial-in

With phone only dial-in, students will once again have the ability to dial into a session without first connecting to a session using a web browser or the Collaborate app. Session dial-in numbers will be available as soon as a session is created so students can be notified via email, course announcement, or calendar entry details.

Screen shot of session creation form with dial-in number & PIN

The dial-in number and PIN also appear on the session list after a session is selected.

Note: dial-in information will not be available to students until a session is active. Faculty can locate the dial-in number and PIN by looking at a session’s settings:

Screenshot of session options screen

This new dial-in option is anonymous. When you use Anonymous dial-in, your phone is not paired with your account or session avatar. You appear in the session as an anonymous caller to other attendees.

Edit recording names

Give your recordings a new name. Access Recordings from your scheduler. Find the recording you want to edit. Open the Recording options and select Edit name.

The recording name always begins with the session name. Edits to the name change the text after the backslash (/) only.

Single menu for your settings, feedback, and status

See what your network connection is at-a-glance. If your connection is poor or broken, you see an alert associated with your profile picture. You see one bar for a poor connection, three for good, and four for excellent.

Application sharing bandwidth improvements

Previously, when the browser reported a drop in available bandwidth, Collaborate would continue to prioritize the audio stream and send a lower quality application sharing stream, resulting in a blurry screen for the viewer. This usually lasted a few seconds, until the browser reported more available bandwidth. This was happening more frequently than true network capacity indicated. Now, we use additional measurements for a more accurate picture of network conditions, which greatly reduces the frequency of the blurry moments.

The New Box View

The Blackboard Assignment feature has an online document viewer and online marking interface named Crocodoc, which is a third party technology licensed by Blackboard. Crocodoc will stop working on January 15, 2018 as the technology has been deprecated by the third party supplier. A replacement document viewer and online marking interface will be made available as part of an update supplied by Blackboard. The new inline grading tool is known as the new Box View and will be activated on December 21st as part of the upgrade to Blackboard.

What happens when we move to the new document viewer and online marking interface in December?

When we move to the new document viewer and online marking interface all existing assignments that were submitted in Blackboard will be transitioned to the new interface. There will be a short time where it will not be possible to view Blackboard assignment submissions using the marking interface, but the submissions can be downloaded directly to your computer.

Once the transition to the new document viewer and online marking interface is complete assignments that were marked with the old interface will have any annotations that had been made during marking “burned in” and those existing annotations will no longer be editable. Blackboard has also informed its customers of an issue where comments made within Crocodoc, especially lengthy comments, may get cut off by the right margin within the new Box View. Additional annotations can be made over the top of these old assignments if required.

New and existing assignments will then use the new document viewer and online marking interface.

What changes will I notice with the new document viewer and online marking interface for Blackboard Assignments?

The new document viewer and online marking interface for Blackboard Assignments will have much better support for file types and fonts and will resolve a known issue with rendering of some documents.

The new document viewer and online marking interface will not immediately support “freehand drawing” over a submission – only comments and highlighting.

The image below shows the old and new interfaces side by side.

Assignment view comparison

This table compares the two annotation services.

Functions and DetailsCrocodocNew Box View
File types for conversionPDF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, and DOCXOver 100 different file types, including video, audio, image, and programming code

File Types and Fonts Supported in Box Content Preview

File types for annotationPDF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, and DOCXPDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, PPTX and ODP

New Box View also supports only point-based annotations on these file formats: AI, BMP, DCM, EPS, GIF, PNG, PS, PSD, SVS, TGA, TIF, and TIFF

Course areasOriginal assignments, Ultra assignments, and in Ultra tests’ additional submission areaOriginal assignments, Ultra assignments, and in Ultra tests’ additional submission area
Annotation typesText- and point-based comments, highlighting, and drawingPoint-based comments and highlighting
DownloadUsers download a copy of a student file with the option to download in the original format or in a PDF version that includes the annotationsUsers can download a copy of a student file, but annotations won’t appear
Print functionNoYes
StudentsCan’t add annotations to documentsCan’t add annotations to documents
Bb GraderCan add annotations to documentsCan add annotations to documents with workaround

Annotate submissions in Bb Grader app


What do I need to do?

If at all possible, consider not grading assignments during the week of December 17th unless all of the assignments can be graded prior to the 20th. Delaying grading will avoid any problems if grades/comments need to be changed for recently graded assignments.

New Blackboard mobile apps

Blackboard has updated its mobile apps. There are two main changes

Bb Student

The Bb Student app has been renamed to Blackboard. With the latest release of the app, that name change is now official across iOS, Android, and Windows app stores. For more information about the latest release of the Blackboard app (version 2.9.8), view the Blackboard app release notes.

The new Blackboard Instructor app

Blackboard Inc has released a new mobile app geared specifically for instructors. The app will allow instructors  to:

  • Preview course items, assignments, and tests.
  • Participate in discussions.
  • Send announcements.
  • Interact with your class in Blackboard Collaborate.

The Blackboard Instructor app is also a good way to see how students will work with the material of a course using the Blackboard app

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Additional information is available on Blackboard’s website –

Panopto New Features- DEIT Online Workshop – Thursday, March 9, 7 pm

Panopto: Embedded Quizzes and Other Advanced Features: Thursday, March 9, 7 pm (Online)

Hosted by DEIT’s Chris Hewatt, Instructional Designer and Rogue Punner
If you can’t make the March 9 session, visit us for an on-campus session at noon on March 22.

To register or for more information go to
If you have any questions contact DEIT at or 610-282-1100 x2290

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