When using the Box View tool, you should be able to add annotations, highlight chunks of text and digitally draw on the student work that you are marking via Blackboard.

However, after a recent update (on February 19, 2019) Box View was updated by its owning company to include more “mobile-responsive” features. These features will automatically instigate whenever Box considers itself to be displayed on a small screen, and can initially be confusing to use or even, sometimes, completely unresponsive.

If you find that the annotation tool now opens as a long pane, that you can no longer see the highlight tools when selecting text, or that you cannot select or delete drawings made on an assignment then Box has likely enabled the mobile-version of its view on your device.


Because this view-change is caused by the size of the Box View pane, altering the following things should help bring back the original, non-mobile version of Box View that you are used to:

  1. Expand the Box View page so it can take up more space:
    • Use the expand/collapse grading panel button () to hide the right-hand pane
    • Use the maximize/minimize button () to allow Box view to take up the entire browser frame
  1. Zoom your browser out (zooming guidance for Chrome / zooming guidance for Firefox)
  1. If you’re comfortable with changing settings on your computer such as screen resolution, please try this (go for a higher resolution than 1600*1200), but don’t do this if you’re not used to changing such settings.

If the above suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact DEIT with details of what type of computer and web browser you are using.

Printable version: Box View Feb 2019