Accessibility ensures that all people—regardless of ability—can interact with the information or services you provide as an instructor.

According to the Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems

Accessibility refers to the design of apps, devices, materials, and environments that support and enable access to content and educational activities for all learners. Educational materials and technologies are “accessible” to people with disabilities if they are able to “acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services” as people who do not have disabilities. As a person with a disability, you must be able to achieve these three goals “in an equally integrated and equally effective manner, with substantially equivalent ease of use” (Joint Letter US Department of Justice and US Department of Education, June 29, 2010). Technology can support accessibility through embedded assistance—for example, text-to-speech, audio and digital text formats of instructional materials, programs that differentiate instruction, adaptive testing, built-in accommodations, and other assistive technology tools. AEM Center

Glossary of Terms for Inclusive Systems, CAST.ORG

Brightspace supports making online content accessible. A common accommodation is more time on quizzes and tests. Brightspace allows instructors to set an accommodation at the course level that automatically applies to all tests/quizzes.

To set up an accommodation –

  1. Navigate to your Classlist, accessible under the Course Tools item in your course navigation bar. Click on course tools in your course navigation bar, and select Classlist from the dropdown menu.
  2. Find the student in your Classlist who requires accommodations, click on the downwards facing arrow to the right of their name, and click “Edit Accommodations”. Click the chevron next to the student's name, and select "Edit Accommodations."
  3. Check the box that says “Modify Time Limit”, and check the box next to the appropriate accommodation settings for the student. You can either enter a modifier, or a set number of minutes. Select the appropriate modifiers for the student using the provided fields.
  4. Click Save.