DeSales is in the process of transitioning from the current version of Blackboard Collaborate to a new version, technically known as Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience, but Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or just “Ultra” for short. Come to one of our upcoming workshops to learn more or if you just like to try things out, log in to our Bb Collaborate Ultra test room and give it a try.

Ultra is more modern-looking, has a more intuitive interface, is better for collaborating using video, and, best of all, does not require a launcher program to be downloaded and installed. All that being said, it is a big change from the previous version and will take some getting used to if you are an experienced user of the current version.


Now: Ultra available on request, “old” Collaborate remains available as well.

Fall 2017: all new sessions to be conducted in Ultra.

Fall 2018: end of support for replaying sessions recorded in “old” Collaborate.

Questions? Contact DEIT at or 610-282-1100 x2290.