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Month: December 2015

End of Support for YouTube Webcam Recording

Blackboard Learn currently allows faculty and students to record directly from their webcameras when creating content such as items, pages, blog posts, and more. Termed “Video Everywhere”, Blackboard utilized YouTube to allow users to create and post videos to both YouTube and Blackboard at the same time. Recently, Google announced that support for directly uploading webcamera video to YouTube will be ending January 16, 2016 ( This change will impact Blackboard Learn, ending the ability to use the “Record” option of Video Everywhere.

Faculty and students can still use YouTube to post videos, and then embed the content inside of Blackboard. However, it will now be a three-step process, requiring users to record the videos, upload and publish the video on YouTube, and embed the published video into Blackboard.


Chronicle Vitae Article: Commentary on Online Teaching

reflectioniconOnline learning is a great way to conveniently fit furthering your education into a busy schedule with its more flexible hours and course format. However, distance learning still faces a common misconception that because the course is hosted online, it is less personal than a traditional classroom course.

In an article titled “Online Teaching, It Turns Out, Isn’t Impersonal” featured on Chronicle Vitae’s website, the post’s author Gregory Semenza has found the exact opposite of this impersonal misconception. When Semenza was tasked with teaching his first online, intensive course, he found that the online format actually led to an interactive and engaging course. Semenza credits the success of online courses to two key factors:

  • All students participate in the class, rather than a select few in the classroom setting
  • All submissions and assignments were written, which allowed Semenza to better gauge the students’ understanding and provide better feedback

These two facts about online courses, combined with good instructional design and engaging material, prove that distance learning can be just as, if not more, personal and interactive between the three main players in any course: the students, the instructor, and the material.

To read the full article, click the following link: Online Teaching, It Turns Out, Isn’t Impersonal.

Special thanks to Kim Karpinski for sharing this article with DEIT!


Blackboard Collaborate Launcher 1.4 for Mac Update

An update to the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for Mac was released by Blackboard on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015. This maintenance release is designed to fix several issues, including:

  • Launcher now inherits proxy settings from OS X
  • Collaborate launch no longer fails after moving Launcher to Applications on Mac 10.9.
  • System Java is no longer prompted for update when Launcher initiates.
  • Mac Launcher V1.3 users no longer get a security error when trying to open Collaborate with the Original experience (v12) Web Conferencing sessions.

To download the update Mac users will have to do the following:

Double click on the Blackboard Collaborate file to open the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Control Panel (Note: The Blackboard Collaborate file will typically reside in the Downloads folder, though a user can choose to move it to a different location on their file system.)



Click the Advanced button at the top of the Launcher Control Panel, and select the Check for Updates… button to download the latest version.







The Creation of the One Button Studio

A new recording studio was recently added to the second floor of the Trexler Library on the DeSales Center Valley campus. The One Button Studio is designed to simplify the creation of multimedia resources for faculty and students alike by removing the barriers of lighting and sound setup. Reservations can be made via the Trexler web site –

A quick start guide has been created regarding the use of the studio – DeSales One Button Studio – Quickstart Guide

See the One Button Studio take shape:

[cincopa AUPAmFtX1fYX]

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