Blackboard technical bulletin

A recent issue has been brought to the attention of DEIT regarding the announcement notification function in Blackboard.

When creating an announcement via Blackboard instructors are given the opportunity to send a copy of the announcement out immediately to all students in a course. Typically, the selection of this option results in an email to students notifying them of the new announcement that also provides the text of the message. In some cases, however, all or some of the emails have been delayed, on occasion by as much as two weeks. Blackboard has acknowledged the issue as a known problem with the system.

Currently, the behavior has only been seen at DeSales in large classes and organizations with 50+ users, and only when using the “Send a copy of this announcement immediately” option when creating an announcement. Sending emails directly using the Send DSU Email button available within classes appears unaffected.

It is important to note that the announcement will still appear for students within Blackboard in both the My Announcements area as well as a link underneath the course in which the announcement was created. Students should still get the abbreviated notification that a new announcement has been posted unless they have opted out of those types of communications. An alert is also sent to students through the Blackboard app if they are logged on via their mobile device.

The DEIT team will be updating Blackboard on December 21st to a version that should resolve this issue. Until that point, it is recommended that all faculty and organization leaders use the Send DSU Email button in conjunction with any announcements involving critical information.