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Allowing Multiple Submissions

In Brightspace, instructors can set assignments to allow students to submit multiple times. To enable this on an assignment, please follow the series of steps below!

  1. Navigate to your course within Brightspace.
  2. Click on “Course Tools” in your course navigation bar.
  3. Select “Assignments” from the dropdown menu that appears.
    • If you are creating a new assignment, click the blue “New Assignment” button in the upper left.
    • If you are editing an existing assignment, find the assignment from the list that appears and click on the downwards facing arrow to the right of the assignment name, and click “Edit Assignment” from the dropdown menu.
  4. On the right hand side, click “Submission & Completion” to expand the category.
  5. Under the Submissions header will be three options; ‘All submissions are kept’, ‘Only one submission allowed’, and ‘Only the most recent submission is kept’. To allow students to submit multiple times, check the bubble next to ‘All submission are kept’.
  6. Click on the blue Save and Close button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Students will now be able to submit to that assignment multiple times, and you will keep a record of each submission!

Submitting Documents in Brightspace using OneDrive

Did you know you can add documents to Brightspace using OneDrive? As members of DeSales University, everyone has access to Office 365 which includes OneDrive.  

OneDrive is a virtual storage location that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.  

Using files that are saved in OneDrive in Brightspace is an easy process. 

As a student, you can upload an assignment submission from OneDrive. The process to upload the file is: 

  1. Ensure the file you want to use is saved in OneDrive. 
  1. Log into Brightspace 
  1. Go to your course 
  1. Go to the assignment that you are submitting to 
  1. Under Submission, click on “Choose Existing” 
  1. Click on “OneDrive Files” 
    • You may be prompted to sign in with your OneDrive account if you haven’t used the integration before. This will only happen the first time you sign in or if you accidentally sign out. 
  1. Choose the file you are submitting 
  1. Click “Add” 
  1. Click “Submit” 

You assignment will now be submitted from OneDrive. 

As an instructor, you can upload documents into the content area. The process to upload the file is: 

  1. Ensure the file you want to use is saved in OneDrive 
  1. Log into Brightspace 
  1. Go to you course 
  1. Go to “Content” 
  1. Go to the module where you want to upload the document 
  1. Click on “Upload/Create” 
  1. Click on “Upload File” 
  1. Click on “OneDrive Files” 
    • You may be prompted to sign in with your OneDrive account if you haven’t used the integration before. This will only happen the first time you sign in or if you accidentally sign out. 
  1. Choose the file you are submitting 
  1. Click “Add” 
  1. Click “Submit” 

The file will now be added to your content area from OneDrive. 

Adding a Panopto Quiz

CERT Tip of the Week

Did you know that you can add quiz questions to any Panopto video at any point during the presentation. These Panopto quizzes can be a graded item in your Brightspace gradebook, or they can just be used as a quick assessment to check student understanding. 

If you have questions, please contact the helpdesk at

  1. Open Panopto by clicking on the Panopto link in the blue Navigation bar in your Brightspace course or by going to
  2. Locate the recording where you want to add a quiz question and open it for editing.
  3. Click in the timeline to navigate to the place in the video where you would like to insert a quiz.
  4. The red vertical line will indicate where the quiz will be added in the video.
  5. In the left Navigation menu, click on Quizzes then select Add a Quiz
  6. A quiz window will appear in your secondary stream window where you can fill in the details for

your quiz.

Here is a Step-by-Step guide to “HOW TO ADD A QUIZ TO A PANOPTO VIDEO

Don’t Forget to link your Panopto video to your Brightspace Course

  1. Navigate to wherever you want to put the video in Brightspace.
  2. For a video without an embedded quiz: Select Upload/Create, then File, then click on Insert Stuff, Select Panopto
  3. For a video with an embedded quiz: Select Existing Activities, then Panopto Quiz
  4. Select the video you want. Click the Insert Video button.
  5. Click Save and Close. DONE!

Grading Discussion Topics

Grading Discussion Topics 

When creating new topics or troubleshooting why a discussion doesn’t appear in the grade book, the setting to check is the Grade Out Of field. 

While creating or editing a discussion topic one of the fields on the page controls the grading option. The default is to have the topic ungraded. 

To change the setting, click on the Ungraded button to get a block to enter a point value. 

Click the Save and Close or Save button at the bottom of the screen and the discussion topic will be in the grade book. 

D2L Menu bar customization

Are you looking at Brightspace training resources online? Perhaps the D2L Brightspace Community? Please note that DeSales has customized the Course Menu Bar.  If you are looking at a training resource outside of DeSales, and you are instructed to select “Course Admin” from the menu bar, our equivalent is “All Course Tools”, located underneath the “Course Tools” item.  Another difference you may notice is that on the DeSales navigation bar, you must click on Course Tools to find Assignments, Class List, and Class Progress. 

Questions? Please get in touch with  

Changes to Brightspace Course Homepage

Sticky post

Effective March 8th, 2024, changes are being made to Brightspace Course Homepages. The changes being made are the discontinuation of the Content Navigator widget and the reorganization of Work To Do and Calendar widgets (Student View Only).

Currently, the course homepage appears as the image below:

The D2L Content Navigator on the left side of the homepage has been reported to be causing confusion and anxiety among students. After discussions with several committees on the DeSales campus, including representatives of the Student Body, Faculty, and Administration, the decision was made to discontinue the Content Navigator from the Homepage

After March 8th, 2024, the homepage of all courses in Brightspace will appear as below:

For Instructors:

The calendar has been elevated to the top of the page and if you click on the “Calendar” heading, it will take you to the Calendar tool.

For Students:

The Work To Do widget has now been elevated for students to show you upcoming assignments and their due dates. The Calendar Widget has also been elevated to show you upcoming events in your course.

The course content will now be accessible from the “Content” link in the blue navbar at the top of the course page as it always has been.

If students are interested in their progress in a specific module (represented by the percentage in the Content Navigator widget), this percentage can be found by clicking on the module name in the Content Tool

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the DeSales Helpdesk.

Bulk Entering Grades (Set Grades) 

There are cases where it is appropriate to give students the same grade,

  • Assignments are pass/fail
  • Multiple students got the same score
  1. Log into Brightspace using your MyDSU credentials.  
  1. Click on the Course Selector Grid (the waffle) and select the course from the drop-down menu. If you are enrolled in more than 20 courses, you can search for the course name using the search bar. 
  2. On the Brightspace homepage, locate your course in one of the following ways:
  • Select the course tile under the My Courses widget. 
  • Once in the course, in the navbar, select Grades.
  1. Select Enter grades
  1. Select the arrow next to the grade item (column) you want to grade, then select Enter Grades
  1. Select the checkboxes to select the students you want to grade. To select all students, select the checkbox in the first row.
  1. Select Set Grades
  1. In the Grade Selected window, enter the grade value you want to assign to all selected students. 
  1. Select Save
  1. Select Save and Close to save your changes and return to the Enter Grades area. 

CERT Brightspace Tip of the Week – Accessibility

Accessibility ensures that all people—regardless of ability—can interact with the information or services you provide as an instructor.

According to the Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems

Accessibility refers to the design of apps, devices, materials, and environments that support and enable access to content and educational activities for all learners. Educational materials and technologies are “accessible” to people with disabilities if they are able to “acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services” as people who do not have disabilities. As a person with a disability, you must be able to achieve these three goals “in an equally integrated and equally effective manner, with substantially equivalent ease of use” (Joint Letter US Department of Justice and US Department of Education, June 29, 2010). Technology can support accessibility through embedded assistance—for example, text-to-speech, audio and digital text formats of instructional materials, programs that differentiate instruction, adaptive testing, built-in accommodations, and other assistive technology tools. AEM Center

Glossary of Terms for Inclusive Systems, CAST.ORG

Brightspace supports making online content accessible. A common accommodation is more time on quizzes and tests. Brightspace allows instructors to set an accommodation at the course level that automatically applies to all tests/quizzes.

To set up an accommodation –

  1. Navigate to your Classlist, accessible under the Course Tools item in your course navigation bar. Click on course tools in your course navigation bar, and select Classlist from the dropdown menu.
  2. Find the student in your Classlist who requires accommodations, click on the downwards facing arrow to the right of their name, and click “Edit Accommodations”. Click the chevron next to the student's name, and select "Edit Accommodations."
  3. Check the box that says “Modify Time Limit”, and check the box next to the appropriate accommodation settings for the student. You can either enter a modifier, or a set number of minutes. Select the appropriate modifiers for the student using the provided fields.
  4. Click Save.

CERT Brightspace TIP – How to find your courses and manage your course list.

As you teach more and more courses in Brightspace, your course list will become longer. Brightspace displays courses in the order you access them so new courses might be hard to find until you open them the first time.

Fortunately, Brightspace offers a few ways to filter and manage your courses as the course list grows.

There are two ways to view your courses in Brightspace. The first being the “My Courses” widget on the Brightspace Homepage. This is the page that you first see when you log in to Brightspace. The widget has a few filters automatically based on the Term or Semester you are looking for. You can click on any of these filters across the top of the widget to see the courses associated with that Term or Semester.

The second way to view your courses is by using the “Waffle” button at the top right of the Brightspace window. After you click on the “Waffle”, you will have the ability to search for your courses.

Regardless of which view you prefer, both offer the ability to “Pin” your courses. Pinning your course adds a note of importance to the course and moves it to the top of the Waffle list and creates a new filter in the “My Courses” widget called “Pinned Courses”.

Pinning a course can be achieved by clicking on the pin graphic in the waffle list:

Or by clicking the three dots in the course banner of the courses widget and clicking “Pin”.

Once you have completed a course, you can safely “Unpin” the course by repeating the steps above to remove the note of importance.

CERT Brightspace TIP: The Brightspace Grades Setup Wizard

Grading is one of the key elements of any course. Fortunately, Brightspace offers a way for you to get started. When the Grades menu is selected in a course there is an option for a Setup Wizard. The wizard will walk you through the decisions that need to be made when configuring your grade book.  

  • Do you grade using a weighted system or points?
  • Do you want an option to override Brightspace’s calculation of the grades?
  • Should ungraded items be treated as a zero or ignored in the calculation?
  • How should the final grade be displayed to students?
  • What other details impact how students see their grades?

Assistance on the Grades Setup Wizard is available from D2L in this knowledgebase entry and a short tutorial video.  

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