Using the “Set Grade Center Due Dates” Tool

When creating any graded item in Blackboard such as an assignment, SafeAssignment, Discussion Board, or test, setting a due date creates a Calendar item which allows student to quickly reference when items are due. An easy way to change the due dates of all graded items in one place is by using the “Set Grade Center Due Dates” tool. This tool also allows the availability of graded items to be changed with a single click. To use this tool, please reference the steps below:

1. Navigate to your Blackboard course where you would like to edit due dates.

2. In the left navigation menu, click the “Course Tools” link under the “Course Management” section, and click the “Set Grade Center Due Dates” link.

Step 2

3. On the “Grade center Due Dates – individual due dates (all assignments listed)” page, you will notice there is a list of all items in your course which can have due dates. By default, these items are listed by “Name” in ascending alphabetical order. To change the listing to descending alphabetical order, click the word “Name” in the gray highlighted column header. To change the sorting method to be sorted by “Grading Period”, “Category”, “Is Available?”, or “Due Date”, click, any of these titles in the column headers.

Step 3

4. Once you have chosen a sorting method to easily locate items in the list, you can begin editing the due dates of graded items. To update or add a new due date, first find the item to update in the list and enter a date in the “Due Date” column in the form of mm/dd/yyyy or click the calendar button to select a date from a pop-up calendar. Once a date has been added or edited, a small triangle icon with an exclamation mark will appear next to the new date to remind you that you have edited this date. Optionally, availability can also be changed by clicking the checkbox for “Is Available?” for any item as well. Once you have repeated this process to edit any other dates and availabilities necessary, click the blue “Submit” button to commit changes.

Step 4