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Blackboard Collaborate Launcher 1.4 for Mac Update

An update to the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for Mac was released by Blackboard on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015. This maintenance release is designed to fix several issues, including:

  • Launcher now inherits proxy settings from OS X
  • Collaborate launch no longer fails after moving Launcher to Applications on Mac 10.9.
  • System Java is no longer prompted for update when Launcher initiates.
  • Mac Launcher V1.3 users no longer get a security error when trying to open Collaborate with the Original experience (v12) Web Conferencing sessions.

To download the update Mac users will have to do the following:

Double click on the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.app file to open the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Control Panel (Note: The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.app file will typically reside in the Downloads folder, though a user can choose to move it to a different location on their file system.)



Click the Advanced button at the top of the Launcher Control Panel, and select the Check for Updates… button to download the latest version.







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