An update to the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for Mac was released by Blackboard on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015. This maintenance release is designed to fix several issues, including:

  • Launcher now inherits proxy settings from OS X
  • Collaborate launch no longer fails after moving Launcher to Applications on Mac 10.9.
  • System Java is no longer prompted for update when Launcher initiates.
  • Mac Launcher V1.3 users no longer get a security error when trying to open Collaborate with the Original experience (v12) Web Conferencing sessions.

To download the update Mac users will have to do the following:

Double click on the Blackboard Collaborate file to open the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Control Panel (Note: The Blackboard Collaborate file will typically reside in the Downloads folder, though a user can choose to move it to a different location on their file system.)



Click the Advanced button at the top of the Launcher Control Panel, and select the Check for Updates… button to download the latest version.