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CERT Brightspace TIP – How to find your courses and manage your course list.

As you teach more and more courses in Brightspace, your course list will become longer. Brightspace displays courses in the order you access them so new courses might be hard to find until you open them the first time.

Fortunately, Brightspace offers a few ways to filter and manage your courses as the course list grows.

There are two ways to view your courses in Brightspace. The first being the “My Courses” widget on the Brightspace Homepage. This is the page that you first see when you log in to Brightspace. The widget has a few filters automatically based on the Term or Semester you are looking for. You can click on any of these filters across the top of the widget to see the courses associated with that Term or Semester.

The second way to view your courses is by using the “Waffle” button at the top right of the Brightspace window. After you click on the “Waffle”, you will have the ability to search for your courses.

Regardless of which view you prefer, both offer the ability to “Pin” your courses. Pinning your course adds a note of importance to the course and moves it to the top of the Waffle list and creates a new filter in the “My Courses” widget called “Pinned Courses”.

Pinning a course can be achieved by clicking on the pin graphic in the waffle list:

Or by clicking the three dots in the course banner of the courses widget and clicking “Pin”.

Once you have completed a course, you can safely “Unpin” the course by repeating the steps above to remove the note of importance.

CERT Brightspace TIP: The Brightspace Grades Setup Wizard

Grading is one of the key elements of any course. Fortunately, Brightspace offers a way for you to get started. When the Grades menu is selected in a course there is an option for a Setup Wizard. The wizard will walk you through the decisions that need to be made when configuring your grade book.  

  • Do you grade using a weighted system or points?
  • Do you want an option to override Brightspace’s calculation of the grades?
  • Should ungraded items be treated as a zero or ignored in the calculation?
  • How should the final grade be displayed to students?
  • What other details impact how students see their grades?

Assistance on the Grades Setup Wizard is available from D2L in this knowledgebase entry and a short tutorial video.  

Accessing Feedback in Brightspace

Viewing feedback for students is different than how it was in Blackboard. For students to view feedback on their assignments or quizzes within Brightspace, students should navigate to the appropriate tab within their course navigation bar. Assignments are located under Course Tools on the right-hand side of the course navigation bar, while Quizzes are located next to Discussions on the main navigation bar. 

Once a student is in either section, students should then click on the link in the “Evaluation Status” column. This will bring students to a page where they can view their grade, the assignment rubric (if applicable), quiz questions/answers (if set up by the instructor), and any feedback left on the assignment by their instructors. 

Questions? Please reach out to the Helpdesk at or 610-282-1100 x4357 (HELP)

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