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MyDSU upgrade

The DeSales Web Manager recently announced a change to the MyDSU portal that will include some possible system outages on Wednesday, November 15th. ( The DeSales DEIT team would like everyone to know that Blackboard will remain available throughout that time, though if MyDSU is down you’ll need to log in directly on

Any problems accessing either MyDSU or Blackboard should be reported to the DeSales Help Desk (610.282.1100 x4357 or

After the upgrade is complete accessing some of DEIT’s information will be a bit different. Blackboard will remain a link on the Applications list located on the right side of the screen.

To access the DEIT departmental pages you’ll need to click on the Menu link at the top-left of the page, select Departments & Offices, and then pick DEIT – Distance Education and Instructional Technology.

Haunted PowerPoint Slides in Dooling Hall?

In Dooling Hall classrooms, have you experienced PowerPoint slides that mysteriously advance on their own? Is it the ghost of Father Dooling? Probably not. More likely, it is a case of slide advancer remotes that have disappeared from their home classroom and reappeared in another classroom.

Unlike other DeSales buildings where you have to bring your own slide advancer, most Dooling Hall classrooms come equipped with a remote control slide advancer and a companion receiver. The receiver is hidden inside the podium. The remotes are set to a specific channel to pair them with a specific receiver and are therefore NOT interchangeable from classroom to classroom. The channels are set by DEIT so that adjacent classrooms do not interfere with each other. But, if someone takes a remote from one classroom and moves it to another one, not only will it likely not work in the new classroom, it may go through the walls or ceiling and affect what an instructor is doing in a nearby classroom – such as mysteriously advancing his or her slides. You may be able to steal a whiteboard marker from the next classroom over (you know who you are), but it won’t work with the remotes.

Please leave the Dooling Hall classroom remotes in the classroom where you find them. Report any remotes that do not work as expected to the Help Desk so DEIT can get them working. That way the remotes will be ready when you and your fellow instructors need them.


Using Publisher’s Content

Many academic textbook publishers now offer web-based services to accompany the digital versions of their textbooks. Depending on how the specific publisher has structured their integration with Blackboard, you may be able to …

  • Expand students’ understanding of the material by connecting reading assignments to practice exercises, assessments, and additional resources.
  • Enhance your lectures by customizing the publisher’s presentations to fit your needs.
  • Simplify grading by linking the publisher’s content to the Blackboard Grade Center.

A publisher’s tools will appear in several places in Blackboard – the Course Tools list (under Course Management at the bottom of your course menu) or in various places throughout your course’s content folders (Assessments, Tools, Partner Content). Additional details are available in the links below.

Cengage Learning




Want a printable copy?

Sign up for a Modest Course Makeover!

Take the time to connect with the DEIT team and see how your course can be made more accessible and engaging for students. Let our instructional designers be your course’s interior decorators!

From simple visual renovations (text formatting, content realignment, banner/image creation and placement, etc.) to integrating the Grade Center, Due Dates, and Calendar set up, the DEIT remodeling crew will work with you to make a good course even better!

To cap off the process, you’ll revisit with the DEIT staff to review the suggested revisions and edits, and then it’s all up to you: do you love the new course and keep it, or do you want to tweak it?

What are you waiting for? Take a crack at swinging that Blackboard hammer and renovate some content folders; DEIT is here to help with the heavy-lifting!

Sign up here or contact DEIT at 610-282-1100 x2290 or

Blackboard and Dropbox – Perfect Together

DeSales University’s Blackboard-Dropbox integration allows instructors and learners to easily link to and upload their Dropbox content into their Blackboard Learn courses.

Instructors and learners can link to their Dropbox content directly from Blackboard Learn using the mashup menu found in most content creation workflows: content creation, tests, discussion boards, blogs, journals, wikis, announcements, feedback, and grading notes. Instructors and learners enter their Dropbox credentials to access their content the first time this feature is used, and the credentials are cached for future use.

Benefits of the Dropbox integration

As a cloud storage platform, Dropbox is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. Cloud storage of files also allows instructors to quickly update content. Instructors can post links to Dropbox content in multiple courses. As changes are made to the files in Dropbox, the changes will be reflected in each course containing the link. Does this mean students can change an assignment submission after the fact if they use Dropbox? Answer: no, it does not. Assignment submissions made in Blackboard link to a specific revision of the file that was current as of the time it was submitted. Any changes made to the file after the point of submission will be ignored. Students would need to resubmit the file for the changes to be available.

For more information …

Additional documentation is available here (pdf format). For additional information, contact DEIT at 610-282-1100 x2290 or or come see us in Dooling Hall, Room 40.


Reporting Classroom Tech Problems

If something is not right in a classroom, don’t assume someone else reported it. If it is a classroom emergency that you’d like to be immediately addressed, call the Help Desk at x4357 (xHELP) and a technician will be dispatched to your room. If it’s a less time sensitive problem, when you have the opportunity, contact the Help Desk either by live chat (see MyDSU), email ( or phone (x4357/xHELP).

DEIT and IT check all classrooms before the beginning of the term, but sometimes we miss something or something goes bad after we do our checks. We make every effort to fix problems that affect your ability to teach ASAP or come up with an effective workaround.

Create a Welcome Video to Connect With Your Students

DEIT’s motto is “We Help Faculty Connect With Their Students.” A great way to add your personality to a course in a way that connects with today’s students is to create a brief welcome video. Video is a great tool to bring your humanity to an online class, but even in a hybrid or traditional class you can use video to introduce yourself and set the tone before you meet with the students in person.

DEIT can help you create or post a welcome video, or you can do it on your own. Two great DeSales tools for recording yourself are Panopto and the One Button Studio in Trexler Library.

Here are some examples of welcome videos created by our faculty members (used by permission). Login may be required to view some videos – if prompted to login to Panopto, select “Blackboard” and enter your normal DeSales username and password.

Dr. Brennan Pursell FN-455 Money, Booms, and Busts Recorded by instructor in his office using Panopto.

Dr. Tom Craig MG-201 Principles of Management Recorded by instructor in his office using Panopto.

Dr. Anna Berger TH-234 Study of the Old Testament Professionally recorded and edited by DEIT and hosted on DeSales media server.

Dr. Joshua Schulz TH-262 Medicine and Morality Instructor created video hosted on YouTube.

Whatever your skill and comfort level with technology, DEIT can help. Contact us at or 610-282-1100 x2290.

Know Your Classroom’s Tech

If you are new to DeSales, teaching in a classroom with which you are unfamiliar, or just like to minimize the chance of problems, do a classroom technology dry run before the first day of class. Make sure you can project your slides, play your YouTube videos, DVDs or BluRays, use the document camera, hook up your laptop – whatever it is you do. If you like, a member of the DEIT staff can meet you in your classroom and do a walkthrough of the technology with you.


Video: Classroom Technology in Dooling Hall

Video: Lecture Capture Rooms

Policy: Class Recording Policy

For more information on DeSales’ instructional technology, visit the DEIT Faculty Community in Blackboard. To schedule a classroom technology walkthrough or to ask questions, contact DEIT at 610-282-1100 x2290 or

Everything You Need to Know About Respondus in 3 Minutes

Check out our 3-minute video on Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor – DeSales’ tool for deterring cheating on online exams.

Panopto 5.4

After July 21, Panopto for Windows and Panopto for Mac will need to be upgraded to version 5.4 or above. Panopto 5.4 includes important bug fixes and a few new features.

Users on prior versions will be prompted to upgrade when they run Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac. Users will need to download and install the latest version of the app. See instructions for details on Windows and Mac.

Panopto for Windows Upgrade Prompt
Panopto for Mac Upgrade Prompt

Note: You will be unable to upload new recordings until they have upgraded.

What’s new?

There have been some small changes to the user interface of both the Panopto web site and the Panopto Recorder. The major changes are:


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