DEIT’s motto is “We Help Faculty Connect With Their Students.” A great way to add your personality to a course in a way that connects with today’s students is to create a brief welcome video. Video is a great tool to bring your humanity to an online class, but even in a hybrid or traditional class you can use video to introduce yourself and set the tone before you meet with the students in person.

DEIT can help you create or post a welcome video, or you can do it on your own. Two great DeSales tools for recording yourself are Panopto and the One Button Studio in Trexler Library.

Here are some examples of welcome videos created by our faculty members (used by permission). Login may be required to view some videos – if prompted to login to Panopto, select “Blackboard” and enter your normal DeSales username and password.

Dr. Brennan Pursell FN-455 Money, Booms, and Busts Recorded by instructor in his office using Panopto.

Dr. Tom Craig MG-201 Principles of Management Recorded by instructor in his office using Panopto.

Dr. Anna Berger TH-234 Study of the Old Testament Professionally recorded and edited by DEIT and hosted on DeSales media server.

Dr. Joshua Schulz TH-262 Medicine and Morality Instructor created video hosted on YouTube.

Whatever your skill and comfort level with technology, DEIT can help. Contact us at or 610-282-1100 x2290.