Much like a traditional face-to-face class, the first days of an online class can make students new to the online learning environment nervous as well. Faculty Focus has created some helpful tips and tricks to make the online learning environment less intimidating, especially to new students. Here’s a quick overview of some highlights from the “Building Online Community and Creating Relevance in the Online Classroom” article:

  • Record Weekly Video Announcements: This gives students an introduction to each week’s objectives, assignments, and other important information in an audio or video format rather than being entirely text-based
  • Build Relevance in Your Course: Incorporate relevant recent articles or news stories into your lessons to boost the connection to current events and ideas
  • Formula for Success: Weekly introductions with office hours, feedback to previous student questions, discuss and display exemplary student work from the previous week, communicate weekly objectives to students with special attention to upcoming projects and resources necessary for the course, connect course material to relevant current events to promote course material significance.

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