In Dooling Hall classrooms, have you experienced PowerPoint slides that mysteriously advance on their own? Is it the ghost of Father Dooling? Probably not. More likely, it is a case of slide advancer remotes that have disappeared from their home classroom and reappeared in another classroom.

Unlike other DeSales buildings where you have to bring your own slide advancer, most Dooling Hall classrooms come equipped with a remote control slide advancer and a companion receiver. The receiver is hidden inside the podium. The remotes are set to a specific channel to pair them with a specific receiver and are therefore NOT interchangeable from classroom to classroom. The channels are set by DEIT so that adjacent classrooms do not interfere with each other. But, if someone takes a remote from one classroom and moves it to another one, not only will it likely not work in the new classroom, it may go through the walls or ceiling and affect what an instructor is doing in a nearby classroom – such as mysteriously advancing his or her slides. You may be able to steal a whiteboard marker from the next classroom over (you know who you are), but it won’t work with the remotes.

Please leave the Dooling Hall classroom remotes in the classroom where you find them. Report any remotes that do not work as expected to the Help Desk so DEIT can get them working. That way the remotes will be ready when you and your fellow instructors need them.