Get ready for an early Christmas present! Panopto is releasing the next version of its web platform on December 21st — version 5.6. Please note, on the 21st Panopto will be down from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET to perform the update. Any attempt to access recordings or upload new videos during this time will result in a “Server unable to connect” message.

Among the headline features of the new version:

  • Blackboard Gradebook integration — Panopto’s video quizzes can be integrated as Blackboard assignments, and quiz results can be accessed directly from within the Blackboard gradebook.
  • Build video presentations in the editor — You can use the HTML5 editor to upload individual media files and slide decks in order to build new video and audio presentations.
  • New analytics capabilities — You can download an Excel spreadsheet that reports on usage by viewing type (mobile vs. embed vs. interactive vs. download).
  • Playlists — Playlists allow videos to be presented in a single, ordered list even if those videos exist in different folders.
  • Support for 360-degree video — You can upload videos captured by 360-degree cameras and watch them using the interactive player, embedded player, and popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.

More information will be coming as the release date gets closer.

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