This Baby-Boomer (a really late Boomer, okay) ran across a blog post describing an interesting infographic on the Millennial generation (those born roughly from the early 1980s to the early 2000s). While often mocked as “slackers” and “the trophy generation,” anyone who actually knows Millennials can attest that this generation has a large degree of variation among individuals, just like every other generation. That being said, Millennials may tend to have certain characteristics to a greater extent than previous generations. Knowing about these characteristics can help those from other generations function better as leaders, colleagues, friends and relatives.

What are the implications for our teaching practices at DeSales?

As the infographic summarizes:

“In short, many Millennials are overeducated, under-employed, heavily in debt, and looking to make a difference in the world – either working for themselves, or in a company that doesn’t just focus on profit. They also want to work in a collaborative, flexible environment that doesn’t require them to be in the office all the time and one that will allow them to utilize social media.

Any company that can adapt and accommodate these needs is going to have access to a large and talented pool of resources, who will be loyal and do great work. “

Check out the infographic. There may be some facts that surprise you!

Eric Hagan
Director, DEIT