Join DEIT at Trexler Library for a demonstration of the One Button Studio!

The One Button Studio is a self-service, high-quality video recording studio located on the upper level of the Trexler Library. The studio can be used to by instructors to create video content for use in courses, or by students to record presentations as an assignment. It’s a good way to record lecture material for instructors that prefer to stand up when they speak, as opposed to sitting at their desk. The audio and video quality in the One Button Studio is better than you will get using a webcam in a classroom.

The One Button Studio has green screen and PowerPoint projection capabilities. It is very user-friendly for those that like to keep it simple, but there is also a lot for a creative person to work with. DEIT can help with some light video editing, by hosting your final product on a streaming media server for easy viewing, and by helping you put your video into Blackboard.

The One Button Studio demos will be taking place on Wednesday, 2/21 at 4 pm and Saturday, 2/24 at 10 am. To sign up click here!