Panopto has recently notified us of an issue with the Panopto Recorder. The issue: Enabling “Capture Computer Audio” results in randomly truncated recording – Panopto for Windows


If “Capture Computer Audio” is selected, there is a chance that the product may stop capturing audio sometime during a recording. This results in the session ending prematurely and without warning.

What products are affected

Panopto for Windows v5.0, v5.1

How do I resolve this issue?

Download and install the latest version of Panopto for Windows from Removing the earlier version of the Recorder is not necessary. This issue is resolved in the product versions listed below:
Panopto for Windows x86: or later
Panopto for Windows x64: or later

Will this impact the recordings already made on the PC?

No, all recordings made earlier will remain accessible/editable using the new version of the Recorder. Also, Panopto for Mac is not affected by this issue.