The CERT team has confirmed a bug with the use of passwords on the Blackboard test options screen. The bug in Blackboard also affects the use of Respondus LockDown Browser for Blackboard tests since Respondus uses a Blackboard password as part of the security it adds. Students are getting prompts for a password or being told that the configuration is incorrect even though the LockDown Browser is being used and is configured correctly. Blackboard has confirmed the presence of the issue and has provided a temporary workaround when using the LockDown Browser.

To avoid the issue, set a password on the exam when requiring the LockDown Browser. There is a field in the LockDown Browser settings area for Password to access exam (optional).

Figure 1

If you have already added the LockDown Browser, go back to the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard by going to your course and click on Course Tools…Respondus LockDown Browser. Click on the chevron in front of the test and choose Settings.

Once the password has been set – please provide it to the students. Note: this is not the string of letters/numbers set by Respondus when looking at the Test Options screen.

Figure 2

Your students will still need to use the LockDown Browser. When students take the test, they will be prompted for the password you put in the Respondus settings (Figure 1)

The login screen should look like one of the following

Figure 3
Figure 4

If the students get a screen with a password prompt that also includes a warning message there is either an issue with the exam settings, or more commonly, the student is not using the LockDown Browser. Please confirm with the student that the LockDown Browser has been downloaded and is being used. The warning screen looks like this

Figure 5

Please contact the DeSales Help Desk with any questions. An additional notification will be sent out once the problem is resolved.

Thank you,
The DeSales CERT team