Do you plan to use technology such as audio, video, Web sites, or software as part of your final exam? Be sure to do a tech check or have DEIT do one for you.

The Distance Education and Instructional Technology department (DEIT) strives to keep DeSales’ classroom technology in good working order at all times, but it is always best to test technology in advance, especially if your final exam is scheduled for a room that you do not ordinarily use where the technology configuration may be somewhat different than that with which you are accustomed.

If you are using technology as part of your final exam, DEIT suggests that you perform an authentic technology dry run a few days (or more) before the final exam will be administered. “Authentic” means actually playing the media or using the technology you plan to use in the room where the exam will be held using the devices and media you plan to use. If you run into problems or need assistance, contact DEIT. If it is inconvenient or impossible for you to conduct an authentic media dry run, contact DEIT and tell us where your exam is scheduled and what you plan to do and we’ll test things for you as best we can.

DEIT is here to help with your instructional technology and instructional design needs. Contact us at or 610-282-1100, ext. 2290.