Make learning more memorable for your students! Memory Recall Techniques for Instructors: Wednesday, November 29 at 3 pm (Dooling Hall, Room 40) OR 7 pm (online via Blackboard Collaborate).

Registration appreciated at Questions: or 610-282-1100 x2290.

Memory Recall Arnold

Research suggests that students create stronger connections with course material when it is presented in smaller portions in continuous cycles throughout a learning experience. Come and learn about techniques including micro lessons, mass vs. spaced studying, and priming exams. Your hosts will include DEIT instructional designers Jen Walz and Chris Hewatt as well as special guest collaborator at the 3 pm session, Dr. Sarah Starling, Assistant Professor of Psychology.

See you next Wednesday, November 29! Don’t forget.

Eric Hagan
Director, Distance Education and Instructional Technology

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