Please note: the deadline for submission is 1PM ONE DAY before publication, no exceptions.

**Starting the week of May 13, we will be following our weekly Summer Publication Schedule.**

For example, when we are following our daily posting schedule and you want your submission posted Monday, submit it by 1PM the Friday prior.

  • Tip: Once an event or announcement is finalized, be proactive with the marketing process by submitting a post to the daily. The earlier you submit a post, the better.

Submission rules:

  • Submit posts to
  • View Examples of Types of Posts, including a call for submissions for our new section, Celebrating Community Connections.
  • Let us know the preferred date(s) you would like your announcement posted.
  • Announcements will not be repeated more than twice per semester—one initial post and one reminder (the day before the event, a deadline, etc.). However:
    • If the event has dates spanning multiple months, you may post about the series twice per month. However, all dates of the same series that fall within that month must be announced within those two posts.
      • Dates for upcoming months will not be included in each announcement.
        • For example, if there is a weekly yoga class, we will not post about it twice every week. However, we can post twice per month about upcoming dates within that month.
    • We will not repeat announcements more than twice, even if there is additional room for registrants and/or volunteers after the initial deadline.
  • Dates should NOT include “th” or “nd” – Ex. Dec. 24, 2021, NOT Dec. 24th.
  • Times should be listed as 4AM, 4:30PM, etc. (all caps with no spaces prevent funny breaks on some browsers).
  • Please submit each post in its own email, in the body of the email.
    • Do not send the text as attachments: ex. PDF or Word.
      • Why? Our website does not allow for easy uploading or pasting of these documents, and many of them are not accessibility friendly.
      • If a referenced document is available on MyDSU or elsewhere on our website, we can link to it there.
    • Keep it short and sweet: 200 words maximum. You are highly encouraged to include links to more complete information on your web pages, due to the no attachments rule.
    • All submissions must be made from an email address. Submissions from any other provider will not be published.
    • Only University-approved fundraising events will be posted. Not sure? Contact
    • Attachments and/or graphics will be published at the discretion of the editors. Some guidelines include:
      • Photos must be the original file or image URL. (We cannot copy graphics out of Microsoft Word or PDF files, nor can we copy them from the body of the e-mail. It freezes our web editor.)
      • Photos must not contain text (ex. we will not publish flyers).
      • Photos must not be copyrighted–ex. taken from the website of a partner organization without permission, or containing licensed characters/materials.
      • Videos must be from a University-approved YouTube page and embeddable from there.
    • The Marketing and Communications department reserve the right to edit any submissions to conform with AP Style and University guidelines.
    • Employee retirement acknowledgments and celebrations may be posted in the Daily. However, celebrations or acknowledgments for employees who are leaving DeSales to work somewhere else are only permitted if there is a farewell event.
    • ALL submissions are considered “high priority”  —  no need to flag them as such.
  • All submissions should be sent to:

Examples of Types of Posts:

  •  Announcements not limited to:
    • Maintenance, closures, special hours.
    • Internal employment postings and updates.
    • Student and faculty/staff achievements and publications.
    • University-approved volunteer opportunities.
    • Ex: “On Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2021, at 11PM, the bouncy house will be closed in Billera Hall. The bouncy house will reopen on Aug. 15, at noon.”
  • Lectures, events, performances:
    • Please include the name, date, time, brief description, and who to contact with questions.
    • If you have a non-copyrighted picture of the event that contains zero text, please include it as an individual attachment and we may use it. (JPEG or PNG only. No Microsoft Word or PDF files will be accepted).
    • Ex: “On Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2021, we will be hosting a tea party in the DUC at 7PM. There will be cake and other delicious treats. Please email with any dietary restrictions or questions.”
  • Celebrating Community Connections: 

There’s a new section in the DSU Daily, and it’s all about Celebrating Community Connections. This is your chance to celebrate the amazing things going on behind the scenes in our community. The frequency of this section will depend on the number of submissions we receive, and all posts are subject to management’s approval.

We want to hear about inspiring student, faculty, and staff personal and professional projects, daily happenings, career journeys, achievements / significant anniversaries and events (such as the birth and/or adoption of a baby or marriage), day in the life of a (insert student major or professional role) blog posts, DSU campus history, etc.

  • Each post must contain a JPEG or PNG photo attached as an original file via email (not in a Word document or PDF).
      • We cannot accept images containing text due to accessibility requirements.
      • Please take photos with a decent quality camera such as an iPhone.
      • No copyrighted images or clip art will be accepted.
      • The maximum photo width is 600 pixels.
  • Each submission must contain a description which is 140 Characters Maximum.
  • The submission can be as simple as the photo and description (see above), or it can be a blog-style post linked in the required description. As always, we reserve the right to make edits.
  • If you are submitting a post on someone else’s behalf (Ex. A student), you must submit in writing that they consent to their post being used in our newsletter and website (via an email, uploaded note, etc.)
  • Be sure to include the class year and major of students and alumni (ex. Jane Doe ’20, biology). If you are faculty or staff, please include your accurate title (ex. Mary Doe, marketing specialist).
  • Please make sure each post is accurate and honest. Do not purposefully misrepresent yourself or others.